We are Kionin,
Technology and Product Experts.

Our team's work can be found at some fantastic companies

What We Do

We Build Products

Currently focusing on the data and AI spaces, we develop software products with an emphasis on quality engineering and thoughtful design.

We Work with Clients

We help clients leverage the best in modern technology, tailored to specifically to each client. This ranges from a simple consultation on advising the best approach, to full fledged software development.

About our work

We are business results driven

We don't build just for the sake of building. We focus on defining and achieving specific goals, and then taking the optimal route there. We never over engineer or under deliver.

We are fast, lean, and potent

We are nimble on quick wins, and thorough on involved solutions, and know how to tell the difference between each.

We constantly perfect our craft

We constantly keep up with new innovations in our industry to ensure we are as efficient as possible. We only use modern, battle-tested techniques and technologies.

Some of what we've built

We've built everything from consumer facing apps, to internal data analysis tools. Our varied experience allows us to deliver value nearly anywhere. A random sample of our work includes:

  • An AI powered chat bot
  • A platform that searches data on hundreds of millions of phone numbers
  • A service that combines data 3rd party APIs on demand
  • A platform that allows developers to find code similar to any given library
  • A human and AI powered personal assistant service
  • And countless other projects

What We Offer

Books & Guides

We spend countless hours each week constantly evaluating and testing new technologies, techniques, tools, and processes. We now make all our research and recommendations available so you can easily benefit from it.

Each guide is constantly maintained to always be updated with the latest best-in-breed, remaining an evergreen resource.


Have us spend a little time learning what you are working on and let us guide you on how to take everything to the next level with the latest technologies and best practices, in a way suited perfectly just for you.

Starting at just $180 for 1 hour.


We are experts in building high quality applications. We've built a wide range of applications used by organizations and startups of all types.

We focus on achieving business goals with a high rate of returning through first-class development. Let us do the same for you.