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We make Big Data and AI accessible
to small businesses to help them grow

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A bit about us

We’re a small team that believes a handful of smart people using the latest in technology, design, and strategy can move fast and punch above their weight.

After building a variety of software businesses, we think Big Data and AI will have an outsized impact on our future. We’re increasingly focused on helping that impact by building solutions and partnerships where we see an opportunity to apply the technology.

Currently across our platforms we serve over 430,000 monthly active users while maintaining a healthy profit and without outside investment.

Meet your data platform

As a small business, leveraging the vast amount of information out there to grow has been prohibitively difficult.

Let us change that for you. Tell us about your main obstacles to growth, and we’ll introduce you to a platform that makes accessing the info you need dead simple.

We constantly improve our platforms, enabling our offering to evolve as you do. Get in touch to start.

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