We build delightful digital products

At Kionin we build modern web products for both our partners and our portfolio. We do design, product management, and development, and jump at opportunities to build something into a standout success.

Our team's work can be found at some fantastic places


About us

We got our start building tools for tech companies in the telecom space. This eventually became a portfolio of products we run, and then grew to include work for partners as well, all from the hills of San Francisco.

We have worked in industries such as fintech, telecom, data brokerage, marketing, education, and others. We believe modern engineering is a competitive advantage and we constantly invest in adopting the latest advancements. This lets us quickly build practical solutions to nearly any problem time and time again.

Previously, one would have to balance quality, speed, and effort. Thanks to the tools at our disposal, we no longer have to compromise.

Lifetime users served
18 million
Data brokerage records available
1.4 billion
Services managed

Some of our work

We have built a variety of products, from tools for developers to consumer-facing applications. Here is a quick selection of some of our work.


Platform to access our dataset of billions of data points on businesses and contact information, further augmented by AI agents for marketing and sales.

Telephony Research

Modern API service for telecom data. Originally an acquisition that we then combined with our data.


Free and simple way to access telecom CNAM data for homelabs.

CuraCubby Expanded Learning

Platform for school districts to run their expanded learning programs. Built for CuraCubby as their enterprise offering.

Our services

Tell us what you need and your questions in plain English, and we can handle everything else.

We are more than a technical team; we are your partners. We have turned everything from detailed RFPs to vague napkin drawings into successful products.

If you are based in San Francisco, we can meet in person, otherwise we can meet virtually.

We generally focus on anything someone can use through their computer or phone and connects to the internet. This has a surprisingly amount of overlap with most technology, so don't hesitate to reach out regardless of what you need; chances are we've already done something similar.

Get in touch at hello@kionin.com